The Peru Amateur Circus program encompasses over 200 performers and 400 volunteers annually. With a program of this size, communication is crucial. This page is developed to enhance the communication process of the Peru Amateur Circus by providing information for initial eligibility as well as a bulletin board and calendar for updates throughout the Circus season.


Each Circus season begins with a Circus Round-up event. Circus Producers and Trainers introduce themselves and provide information on the upcoming season as well as expectations and requirements of performers and volunteers. A Performer’s Handbook, Practices Schedule and required forms are provided to those who sign up for acts. All persons interested in being involved in the Peru Amateur Circus, as performers or volunteers, are encourage to attend. See the Circus City or Performer’s Calendar for date and time.

Documentation Requirements


To be eligible to perform, a child must be seven-years-old by June 1 and a resident of Miami County. Performers are eligible to perform until age 21, determined by June 1st . No married person, divorced person, or parent is eligible to perform.

Download form here:

2018 Handbook

No person shall practice or perform without the proper documentation turned in and approved by the Producer(s) prior to the first practice. Performers who are unable to attend the Circus Round-up can download the needed forms and information off this site.


Performer’s Handbook: This annual publication provides important information and performance requirements for all performers and their parents/guardians.


Performer Practice Schedule: Changes may be required throughout the practice season. Check the bulletin boards on this site and at the Circus building regularly to keep current on any schedule changes.


Doctor’s Physical Form: The Circus provides physicals for those who need them for a nominal fee. The date for physicals will be on the Performer’s Calendar and Bulletin Board or you can contact the Circus office. A current school physical or current physical from a family physician will be accepted in place of the Circus physical.


Parental Consent and Release Form: Must be completed and turned in to participate.


Insurance Information Form: Must be completed and turned in to participate.


Handbook Signature Form: Must be signed acknowledging receipt and review of Performer’s .


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